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  • Where does your name come from?

    Our name was inspired by a desire to create a truly unique business, built on the fundamental value that if we treat people and our environment right, responsible success will follow.

    Over many days and nights, we realised that our ambition was to have a group of inspired, diverse individuals and suppliers that could come together to form something amazing: our collective.

    We added ‘Naked’ to our name to reflect our goal of complete transparency around our ingredients, our team and the environment. Our name is our commitment to make healthy drinks with no nonsense ingredients, based on our unique technology with only plants, vitamins and water.

  • What is an isotonic drink?

    A drink is isotonic when it has a similar water, salt and carbohydrate concentration to blood in the human body. As well as getting into your bloodstream quicker, that means it’s going to give you a natural energy boost, and help replace any fluids you lose through day-to-day life – hardcore HIIT sessions included.

  • Are your drinks good for me?

    Yes. Every can is packed with nutrients, from the health-fuelling vitamins and minerals we use to the natural fruit flavours that make our drinks taste so good. You’ve got Mude for when you need a mood boost and So.Beer for when you’re getting an alcohol-free (and hangover-free) round in.

  • What goes into your drinks?

    Plants. Vitamins. Water. That’s it. Then we supercharge each beverage with the Isotonic SuperLiquid, which ensures you’ll quickly absorb all the health benefits of those nourishing plants and vitamins. Speaking of…

  • What is the Isotonic SuperLiquid?

    Think of it as our (not so) secret weapon; a health-kind cocktail of polyphenols, vitamins and minerals that are bound within the liquid to give you faster absorption. A vitamin drink without it is a little like hiring a PT then skipping every workout: the intentions are good, but you’re not reaping all those body-boosting benefits. That’s why you’ll find Isotonic SuperLiquid in every one of our drinks.

  • What is ImmunoBoost?

    ImmunoBoost is a unique combination of the Isotonic SuperLiquid and an immunity-enhancing molecule called Beta Glucan. Put simply, we use our SuperLiquid – which is loaded with vitamins and minerals – as a delivery system for our Beta Glucan to get all that goodness into your bloodstream. Once there, it supports the immune system by identifying threats and blitzing them faster, helping you stay stronger and healthier. It’s not just us saying it; our ingredients are supported by over 50 clinical studies.

  • What is Beta Glucan?

    Good question. Beta Glucan is a soluble fibre found in the cellular wall of Baker’s Yeast, which we gently extract so we can include it in all of our drinks. It’s been linked to lowered cholesterol, improved blood sugar management and a better immune system, which is why it plays such a major role in our ImmunoBoost blend.

  • What do your drinks taste like?

    HEALTH. No sugary soft drinks here!

    It depends; what are you sipping? All of our Mude drinks quench your thirst with natural flavours, from juicy raspberry and mixed berry to zesty grapefruit and crisp apple. They’re not too sweet, which is what makes them taste so refreshing, ensuring you get less of the sugar and more of the hydration hit in every can.  If it’s an authentic lager taste you want – without the alcohol or hangover – So.Beer has you covered, using plant-based ingredients to give you the most virtuous pint around. 

  • Are your drinks okay for my teeth?

    Our drinks have a very small amount of naturally occurring sugar. One can measures up to about a quarter of the sugar found in apple juice or other fizzy drinks. Use that as a guide to make sure you’re consuming a balanced diet for your whole body, including your teeth.

  • How many drinks can I have per day?

    All of our drinks contain a good portion of your recommended dietary allowance of B Vitamins. We would recommend no more than five of our drinks per day, alongside a balanced diet.

  • Are your drinks vegan-friendly?

    Yes. All of our drinks are suitable if you’re vegan or vegetarian.

  • Are your drinks gluten-free?

    Not yet, but we’re working on developing a gluten-free range of products, still packed with all the same goodness you’ll find in Mude and So.Beer. Seriously. Coming soon…

  • How do you deliver on your Carbon Neutral Commitment?

    Carbon neutrality is a term used to describe a business that has taken action to remove as much carbon dioxide (CO2) as possible from the atmosphere. The overall goal of carbon neutrality is to achieve a zero carbon footprint. So any remaining emissions are reduced by offset projects, to reach a net zero balance of emissions.  


    But to us this isn’t enough. There is a long way for organisations and individuals to push boundaries, drive debate and collectively do the impossible together to achieve a real difference. A true regenerative economy. 


    Find out more about our current offset projects  


    We are one of the first 100 founding members of the Positive movement, what is this? 


    Positive is a movement of change-maker businesses making a Net-Positive impact. It combines the strengths of a purpose-driven community sharing tools and insights, alongside a pioneering Michelin 5-star framework that is a symbol for the very highest standards in business. Positive’s uniqueness comes from its focus on systemic change and vision of a Regenerative economy. 


    Learn more about the positive movement. 

  • Can I recycle the packaging?

    Yep. All of our cans are 100% recyclable, and we’ve ensured our delivery boxes and packaging materials are either compostable or recyclable, too.

  • Where do you ship to?

    To make good on our Carbon Neutral Commitment, we’re shipping where our products are produced. Right now, that’s anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

  • When will I receive my order?

    With Standard Delivery, you’ll receive your drinks within 3-4 days of placing your order.

  • Can I get a subscription?

    Watch this space. We’ll be launching subscriptions soon, so you can receive your favourite drinks on the regular. Sign up to our newsletter and you’ll be one of the first to know when subscriptions are available.

  • What’s your money back policy?

    If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can return your products to us for a refund. We will refund any items that have been sent back to us undamaged with a valid reason for return. But if you return a full case of empty cans you clearly liked them ;) in which case we will not refund you. 

    If your product arrives damaged, contact us immediately and we will arrange a replacement order. Please take pictures of the delivery and the damaged goods to assist our customer service team. You can send these to

  • How are you dealing with deliveries during the Covid-19 outbreak?

    Most orders should still be despatched within three days, but some of our delivery partners are experiencing higher volumes of orders, which could cause a delay. Our order centres and offices continue to operate social distancing measures, and our team are working from home where possible.

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