Mude Play - With a hint of Melon & Raspberry 12 x 330ml

Mude Play

Energising blend of Branch Chain Amino Acids and Green Tea

Natural Energy for those online fitness classes. For that TikTok you're on take 24 of and you just need that extra push. For crushing all your to do’s before midday. Natural energy is for taking that adventure, whatever it may be. Stay energised, naturally

Why you'll love it

Gives you bundles of energy naturally, enhanced by Branch Chain Amino Acids and Green Tea.
Proven to benefit your mental clarity, physical and immune health, energy levels and combat the effects of stress.
Contains our exclusive ImmunoBoost blend, featuring complex B vitamins, polyphenols, minerals and Beta Glucan.
Only 45 calories, low in sugar and vegan-friendly with a refreshing hint of melon and raspberry.
Ingredients Barley, Wheat(Gluten), Oats, Hops, Natural Fruit Flavour, Beta Glucan, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and Green Tea.

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