SoBeer Grapefruit Non Alcoholic Beer 24 x 330ml


Alcohol-Free Hint of Grapefruit Lager 24 Pack

Why would you ever want to drink any other non-alcoholic beer? So.Beer Hint of Grapefruit Lager gives you that authentic, classic lager taste with a zesty citrus hit. Brewed with purpose and packed with immune supporting vitamins and minerals.

Why you'll love it

High in refreshment, low in calories and low in sugar. Tastes exactly like lager with a hint of grapefruit.
Proven to benefit your mental clarity, physical and immune health, energy levels and combat the effects of stress.
Contains our exclusive ImmunoBoost blend, featuring complex B vitamins, polyphenols, minerals and Beta Glucan.
Ingredients: Barley, Wheat(Gluten), Oats, Hops and Beta Glucan.

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