TNC Sampler 6pk

We get it; sometimes you just can't choose. That's why we've created the TNC Sampler Pack, featuring a selection of our vitamin-fuelled, plant-powered, super-brewed, refreshing drinks. From Mude mood-boosters to alcohol-free So.Beer, try one of everything with this bumper collection.

Why you'll love it

Features four Mude drinks: ImmunoBoost™, Play Sleep and Chill.
Includes two cans of So.Beer: the Light Refreshing Lager and the Hint of Grapefruit flavour
Drinks contain our exclusive ImmunoBoost™ blend, with complex B vitamins, polyphenols and minerals
All beers are low in calories, low in sugar and 100% vegan.
Psst… it’s a naturally brewed seltzer.

We put it to the test...

.. and 20 clinical studies on the ingredients in these drinks found they're proven to improve general immune health, maintain overall physical health and enhance energy levels.

Plus, 9 in 10 people said they found our drinks refreshing.

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No-compromise alcohol-free beer
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